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High School debut Kishida Hikaru (18) and Murayama Hikaru (17) back in 1997. Became pros one year later by winning the Seventh Annual Short Manga Award for Seiso Magazine.

Kishida Hikaru
Bloodtype: A
Sign: Aries
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Hobbies: Photography, doodling, computers, judo, sex. [No, really. This is taken from a magazine questionnaire. oO;]
Kishida-sensei was a model for Verve magazine for five years (1994-1999), and is a guitarist, back-up vocalist, and sometimes lyricist for his brother's band Shaky Fingers (1994-) and lead vocalist for the band My Task (2004-). He was a short story writer and contributor to several magazines (1993-1995) and a juvenile delinquent. He was expelled from three high schools for "inappropriate behavior and delinquency" and passed with High Honors from his fourth and last (but was also marked down for delinquency). He has been arrested twice for brawling and once for an, um, undisclosed offense in a public area (possibly involving a politician's daughter?!) and had to perform ten months of community service. He graduated from an unspecified university in 2001. He doesn't smoke or do drugs but he does like to drink (not excessively). His "ideal type" is "cute and flexible(!) with long legs." He is the youngest of two brothers and has lived in New York, Portugal (for a summer), and Okinawa.

Murayama Hikaru
Bloodtype: AB
Sign: Cancer
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 45 kg
B/W/H 83/58/82
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, talking, being lazy, reading fashion magazines, getting massages, dating, kissing (Ru-kun, that is ^^;).
Murayama-sensei tried to be an idol at one point in her life (1993) but "failed miserably." She was a model (but lousy) student and barely passed high school. Her only good grades were in art. She wanted to go to art school and go into graphic design but couldn't get in or afford the tuition. She worked part-time a waitress for several years at Happy Kitty Cafe. She plays the piano (badly). Her "ideal type" is "tall and sexy with the mystique of a phantom thief." She is an only child.

Yamamoto Mariko
Bloodtype: B
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
B/W/H 86/58/88
Hobbies: Fashion design, flower arranging, knitting, scheming, world domination.
Yamamoto-sensei, the self-described "dabbler," is the editor of the fashion magazine Satin & Stitch and the mangaka of a three volume series, Boku no Sinful Desire. She is intimately connected with Hikaru2 since she is Murayama's best friend and is married to Kishida's older brother Togashi and, in fact, introduced them to one another. She has recently also started writing an autobiographical doujinshi under the pseudonym "Hanada Yumi" and recently gave birth to her first child, Kishida Kaisei.

Kishida Togashi
Bloodtype: O
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 183
Weight: 60 kg
Hobbies: Eating, keyboard, stocks.
Long-suffering older brother of Kishida Hikaru and husband of Yamamoto Mariko, also known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for Shaky Fingers. Two of his albums have gone platinium. He has also starred in several j-dorama series, most notably "Hoshi no Snowflake." Unlike his brother he has never been arrested, though his past is also rather checkered having been suspended from one school for punching a teacher. He has a secret weakness for well-made desserts. He's the proud father of Kishida Kaisei.

Kishida Kaisei
Bloodtype: B
Sign: Taurus
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping.
First-born son of Yamamoto Mariko and Kishida Togashi. Future Hanshin Tigers fan. XD

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