About the Site

Dragons-wing.net is the third incarnation of my webpage (which was originally hosted on Geocities) or the fourth, if you want to count the fansite I had on Crosswinds (which was, much like Chronos's children, similarly devoured by its parent) and hope to resurrect someday as part of this website.

It is named after my first finished novel (undergoing an extensive rewrite as I finished it in Junior High/High School and it has been many many moons since those by-gone days) mostly because blue-rabbit.com was, alas, already taken.

Currently, dragons-wing.net proudly plays host to two other websites Pout's Place run by Pout and Bell's collective. If you want to get in touch with either of them, it's best not to use me as a go-between as I just sit and marvel and have little to no part in their genius creative endeavours. ^__^;

This website is hosted by Dreamhost, because, yes, they DO give you quite a bit more than any other companies I've seen for a reasonable price and (most important to ME when I signed up with them) lots of space and no annoying pop-up ads! Okay, and I really just wanted my own domain name.

If there are any site problems, broken links, etc. you can contact me via my gmail.com address - dragonkismet. You know how to add the @.

As always, this website is in a constant state of flux and updates are extremely erratic.

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