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This is a fansite for the creative mangaka team Usagi Blue (also known as Blue Rabbit and formerly known as Hikaru2 - the name which longtime fans still like to call them by) which consists of writer Kishida Hikaru (M) and artist Murayama Hikaru (F). Or, as of June 2002, Kishida Hikaru and Kishida Hikaru (sometimes). ^_____- It will be updated as time permits, so please check back for future content.

Usagi Blue really is a rarity in the manga world - first a senpai-kouhai team, then a boyfriend-girlfriend team, and now a married couple! And even though they fight (Murayama-sensei makes sure to chronicle the ups and downs in their relationship) they're still really happy doing what they love.

They're also pretty damn photogenic. Kishida-sensei used to model for Verve in high school and Murayama-sensei once had aspirations of being an idol (and even had a bit part in a commercial in junior high) but that, as she likes to say, fell through because of a complete and total lack of talent ("and I just wasn't cute enough!"). Kishida is also a lyricist and sometimes vocalist in his brother's band Shaky Fingers (composed of his best friends from high school) and Murayama is his biggest fangirl! XDXD He recently started his own band, My Task and they're doing quite well.

Yamamoto Mariko (a mangaka, Murayama's best friend, and Kishida's sister-in-law) recently released a doujinshi under the pen-name Hanada Yumi titled, "Those Heady and Breezy Days," which many suspect may be 100% autobiographical in nature and features a cast that seems composed of real people . . . including a boy and girl with the same first name. ^__^; It's set at a high school and three volumes have come out so far . . . and it's pretty damn illuminating. Now, we Hikaru2 fans just have to wonder how much Murayama actually censors her freetalks and how truthful Yamamoto is being (because if she's not embellishing at all . . . O____O).

Anyways, summaries of "Those Heady and Breezy Days" coming soon!

Usagi Blue is releasing a character guide for Chasing Butterflies on 8/22/05.

There are also rumours that they will start serializing a new series soon which are partly substantiated by Murayama-sensei's vague reference to a "new project" in her May interview. Whether that means that Chasing Butterflies or Tokyo Fish is ending soon or going on hiatus is anyone's guess since neither seems to be nearing a conclusion. I'll update with more info as it comes in.

This site and its contents Fushigi Kismet 2004-2005. Hikaru2, Usagi Blue, etc. are not real people. All Hikaru2 doujinshi, Usagi Blue manga, Shaky Fingers and My Task lyrics, and "These Heady and Breezy Days" are Fushigi Kismet 2004-2005. This is all an elaborate work of fiction and part of the Falsificatio Project 2004-2005. That being said, please enjoy it anyway. ^___^
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