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Someone asked me to archive the news bulletins, so here you go! ^^;


Have acquired La Scherazade 3 and Martyr's Touch 1. Not sure if Martyr's Touch has a volume 2.

Murayama-sensei was interviewed in the May issue of Seasons magazine.


Chasing Butterflies volume 4 out in stores!


Tokyo Fish volume 5 out in stores!

Satin & Stitch did a special on baby clothes. Kaisei might be one of the baby models.


Sorry for the lack of updates!

My Task's first concert DVD, "Tangled" out in stores now! It's got footage from different shows and looks very nice. Extras include a music video, an interview with the band, and some behind the scenes footage. The limited edition version also comes with an SD mini-manga by Usagi Blue.


The tour's over and was a big success! Shaky Fingers has a concert scheduled for 1/01/05.

The concert DVD is scheduled to come out 3/15/05.


Updates in the doujinshi section. (BTW, if anyone has a copy of La Scherazade 3 and is willing to sell it? I am willing to buy! XD I finally found #4 . . .)

I've heard reports that some people have gotten their hands on Those Heady and Breezy Days volume 4. And that it is lots and lots of crack! (As if the first three weren't WTF?! enough.) But, yes, if rumours are true, it's a good thing the Kishidas could apparently care less what their sons do and, well, that the Murayamas and their daughter aren't on speaking terms. Because, well, I doubt they would be after this. ^____^;;; Oh, wait, did I ever mention that this series has adult content? This series has adult content. ^___^; So, if you don't need the image of your mangaka in bed with each other - you may want to avoid this series. XD It's like RPS except . . . het. And real. ^^;;;; I will hopefully get a copy soon and those summaries should go up eventually . . . ^^;

Oh! And Yamamoto-sensei and Kishida-sensei's first born child is a boy. Born 5/12/04. His name is Kishida Kaisei. ^_____^ The only other information I can find about him is that his parents want to raise him as a Hanshin Tigers fan. ^__^;;;; And, yes, Togashi-san did make it back to Tokyo from tour in time for the birth, though he had to run for a cab after his last encore. Apparently the fans were shouting, "Ganbatte ne!" after him because he was sooo flustered! How cute~~!

My Task's tour is going well from all reports. There also seems to be a concert DVD in the works. More info on that as it comes in.


Chasing Butterflies volume 3 out in stores!


Tokyo Fish volume 4 is out in stores!

Chasing Butterflies volume 3 due out on October 8!

Usagi Blue will also be taking a month break starting October 15 because My Task is going on tour. Buy your tickets now! ^___^

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