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The following list of doujinshi is incomplete (It doesn't help that they still like making them - this is what they do for FUN, remember? ^^;). I don't own all of them either, so finding a description of them all is difficult. ^^; But! I'm doing my best here, so please be patient.

Lovers After Dark 1-6
High adult content A series of six installments chronicling the adult love stories of twelve different people. Lovers After Dark may be the oldest work, sporting a very different art style from Usagi Blue's current style but sharing the slightly darker sensibilites that work so well in TokyoFish and Chasing Butterflies. Titillating and sometimes very deep stuff for two teenagers - Kishida-sensei's more serious side is very apparent here from the plight of the rain-drenched prostitute to that of the bullied honor student.

You, Me, and the Alien Podperson from Seattle 1
Minor adult content Shoji and Mari thought it would be a wonderful summer. His parents were going to Sweden on a business trip, she lived with her grandmother who was going to visit her son, and the planets were perfectly aligned . . . In short, everything was perfect for them to finally "do it." Then right when they were getting down to business a UFO crashed through the ceiling of Shoji's bedroom and Tokori Mattelzu, a runaway alien from Seattle introduced himself and informed them that he planned on staying for the summer - at least until his pod was fixed. Suddenly Shoji and Mari's Summer of Love turned into something weird!

Sensei of the Horizontal Tango 1-4
Super-high adult content A personal favorite. 18 year old high school senior Odori Shima is a serial dater (or maybe "seductress" would be a better description?). Now she's set her sights on her surly homeroom teacher . . . Will he be the next notch on her lipstick case?! Despite the premise and, uh, everything, a very sweet story.

Combustion! 1

The Stone House Girl 1

La Section 1-2

La Scherazade 1-4

1530 1

Stones of Madrid 1

Mermaid Kiss 1

GriffinBite 1
A Harry Potter gag doujinshi! Some Sirius/Lupin and Ron/Hermione, but mostly just gags. The title story comes from Sirius trying to deal with a jealous Hippogriff when Lupin moves in. XDXD Also stories like the Slytherins getting their just desserts and the secret lives of the professors! Snape likes knitting and watching old movies! XDXD

Curse of Love 1-3
Nishikado Lila is cursed. Every time she falls in love her family decides to "erase" the mind of the object of her affections. Lila belongs to the most powerful branch of the Mahou Yakuza - MoonSummit - and her family is bound and determined that she will marry Prince Toad of the Magic Kingdom, but he has thirty-eight wives already! If that weren't bad enough, Lila has inadvertently fallen in love with Tomokazu Heiji, a member of the mortal Yakuza. Now she not only has to hide her new love from her family but deal with all the troubles that come with getting involved with Yakuza who shoot guns instead of cast spells! What's a girl to do when suffering from the Curse of Love?

Penguin Feet 1

Listening to Sand 1

Martyr's Touch 1

UFO Exhibitionist 1

Daffodil Liar 1

EnTrance 1-5

Je t'aime?
A Bleach doujinshi! I almost died. ^___^ Ichigo/Rukia, Ishida/Orihime, Kon/Yoruichi (LOL), angsty Renji, angsty Hitsugaya. Five stories, and an omake extra (the Kon/Yoruichi). Sooo freakin' pretty!

Something Turning Beautiful
ANOTHER Bleach doujinshi! Rukia tries to teach Ichigo the basics of fighting Hollows and demon arts. Ichigo tries to teach Rukia the basics of high school, math, and Shakespeare. They end up teaching each other something very different. Bone-meltingly good. ^___________^

This site and its contents Fushigi Kismet 2004. Hikaru2, Usagi Blue, etc. are not real people. All Hikaru2 doujinshi, Usagi Blue manga, Shaky Fingers and My Task lyrics, and "These Heady and Breezy Days" are Fushigi Kismet 2004. This is all an elaborate work of fiction and part of the Falsificatio Project 2004. That being said, please enjoy it anyway. ^___^
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