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In September 1998, Usagi Blue's shounen manga Kookie was adapted for TV. The anime series ran for two years, airing on Saturday mornings at 8:30 on TV Tokyo. While the series did a good job of following the manga closely, there were a number of anime-original filler episodes (denoted with *) and the entire fourth season takes place after the manga ended (with treatments and heavy input from Kishida-sensei and a few new character designs from Murayama-sensei). Mostly, a lot of the longer manga arcs were simply fleshed out more.

Season One
1) The Girl With The Overly-Long Name! The Trio Moves To Wilderton!
2) First Impressions! Wilderton, What Kind Of A Place Is This?
3) Switching Records
4) Kabira's Angry! Love Poetry
5) You Were Beat Up By A Girl?!!*
6) Boy Trouble
7)Who Lives In That Haunted House?
8)The Teacher Suspects? Uh Oh!
9)Hopeless Romantic Kabira's Match-Making! Wilderton Watch Out!*
10)Science And Silliana Don't Mix*
11)Science Partners
12)Kabira's Flattered, Kookie's Annoyed*
13)Doome And Destruction
14)The Great Wilderton Bake-Off*
15)The Great Wilderton Musical: Kookie, Put On Your Dancing Shoes!
16)Wilderton Martial Arts Tournament! Kookie Vs. Xendur
17)Kookie's Late For School? Xendur's Being Nice?!!!
18)Kookie's First Date—With Gerrus?!! Nevon's Not Happy! Neither Is Xendur?!!!
19)Kookie's Got A Crush, But On Who? Kookie's Mysterious Motorcycle Ride!
20)Is This A Dream? I Think It's Love!*
21)Love 101: Mixed Messages*
22)What? You're Working Where?!!
23)Help! My Sister's Possessed!!!*
24)Vitlia's Scheme! Both Boys?!
25)Kookie Vs. Kabira
26)Make Up Your Mind! Which Boy?

Season Two
27)Don't Chase My Guy!*
28)Valentine's Day! Vitlia's New Plan!*
29)Xendur's Movie, Kookie In The Spotlight?*
30)Spring Fair! Kookie And Xendur's First Date?
31)Drenched! Kookie And Xendur's Second Date?*
32)First Kiss For Kookie
33)Xendur And Aerdon Vs. Nevon And Gerrus
34)What Are You Doing On Top Of That Building? Xendur's Daredevil Stunt! (Part One)
35)Kookie's Paralyzing Fear Of Heights! Get Me DOWN! (Part Two)
36)A Match For Silliana
37)Dr. Lorant's Time Machine
38)Invasion Of The Space Dogs From Outer Space!
39)Never Mind! Just Forget It!*
40)Moving Again? I WANNA STAY!!!
41)The Mysterious Painter's Got His Eye On Kookie? Xendur's Hot Temper!*
42)The Teacher's Secret Crush
43)Aerdon, You're Too Nice! Kabira's Fit Of Rage!
44)Jealous Kabira! Study Date? I Don't Think So!*
45)The Mad Scientists Are Bored! Time For A New Invention!*
46)Aerdon's Way Too Possessive!
47)Kabira's Old Flame! Aerdon Freaks Out!
48)Kookie And Xendur's Big Fight!
49)Beach! Kookie's Afraid of Sharks? Xendur Can't Swim!
50)Xendur's Apology—Will Kookie Accept?
51)It's the Prom! Who's Going With Whom?
52)Graduation? Kookie, Will You Pass?

Season Three
53)An Engagement? A Wedding? What's Going On?
54)Total Chaos!
55)Mom, Why's The Fridge Glowing?
56)Wisteria's Disappeared?!! Kookie's Challenged!!!(Part One)*
57)Kookie Vs. Nevvon and Geruss! Xendur Stay Out Of The Way!(Part Two)*
58)Kookie's Hurt? Xendur's Anger Is Unleashed!(Part Three)*
59)Kabira's Back From College? Wait A Second! Who's That Guy?(Part One)
60)Aerdon Vs. Tyler For Kabira's Love!(Part Two)*
61)*I* Get to Choose! Kabira Is Fed Up! (Part Three)
62)You're Staying? The Trio's Back Together!
63)The Love Potion Works?!! The Doomes Are At It Again!*
64)Aerdon's *Secret* Occupation (Part One)
65)Since When Have You Been a Spy? (Part Two)
66)Evicted? Say It Ain't So! (Part One)
67)Out On The Street (Part Two)*
68)A Home Of Our Own (Part Three)
69)Graduation—Again! Kookie, Can You Pass?
70)Summer Vacation!!! More Inventions?!!*
71)Promises Made, Promises Kept
72)Kabira and Aerdon's Big Day!
73)Mom And Dad Are Back?!! This Isn't What It Looks Like!!! (Part One)
74)Separation? Broken Hearts (Part Two)*
75)When The Roses Are In Bloom (Part Three)*
76)Don't Be Such A Fool! (Part Four)
77)Do You Love Me? (Part Five)
78)Then Kiss Me Softly (Part Six)

Season Four*
79)College Days, Lonely Nights*
80)The House On The Corner*
81)Together Forever! The Fabulous Six!*
82)Whose Car Is That?!!*
83)The Cat's Out Of The Bag! Wisteria Has A Conniption Fit!*
85)Attack Of The Killer Cupcakes!!! Run For Your Lives!!!!*
86)Marital Mayhem! Kookie and Xendur's Psychology Test!*
87)Revenge Is So Sweet!*
89)Poetry And Posies*
90)No Bell Prize—For Whom Does the Bell Toll?*
91)The Circus Hits Wilderton! Xendur's Childhood Dream, Kookie's Adult Nightmare!!!*
92)There's A Walrus In The Bathtub—And He Ate The Soap!*
93)Insomnia, The Night Of The Sleeping Dead*
94)Doomed Again!*
95)Kookie Gets Her Chance! Broadway Calls, Xendur Moans*
96)I Thought You Gave Up Spying! Board Games and Spy Games*
97)The Movie Deal*
98)Kookie, Will You Marry Me?(Part One)*
99)Kookie's Kidnapped? Can't Those Doomes Be More Original?!!! (Part Two)*
100)The Food Tastes Awful!!! Kookie Fights Back! (Part Three)*
101)Xendur, Where Are You?!!! (Part Four)*
102)To Love Another (Part Five)*
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