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Silent Angel 1-2 (debut)
The Angel of Death gets hit by a car, gets mistaken for a mortal, and moves in with a police officer who is investigating strange homicides around the city.

Kookie 1-8
The return of Hikaru2 on crack. No, really.
High school sisters Kookie and Kabira Koramu and their mad scientist friend Silliana move to the town of Wilderton where they encounter a pair of brothers, the Doome family. Wacky high school hijinks, mad science, and overall madness ensue. Did I mention the talking dog?

The Crab Prince 1-5
Girl buys crab for romantic dinner. Girl sees boyfriend cheating on her. Girl initiates violent break-up. Girl sets crab free. Crab turns into hot, nekkid boy who professes his undying love for her and then proceeds to move himself and his retinue into her house. Of course, they're also battling the forces of lobsters and squid who are after the Crab Prince's throne.

I Am For You 1-11
Knight rescues half-elf. Half-elf reluctantly promises herself to knight. Knight tells her to go on her merry way, half-elf gets pissed and declares that she isn't going anywhere! Then they go on a quest to find his lost mentor and her delinquent father who just so happen to be the same person. But of course, throw in an evil twin, meddling younger siblings, crazy mothers, and the Evil Elf Tennis Association and the plot doesn't even matter. XD

Chasing Butterflies 1-4 (ongoing)
A serious work focusing on one girl's escape from a life of prostitution, rape, and abuse and her relationship with the boy who saved her.

Tokyo Fish 1-5 (ongoing)
A girl's interest in her brother's suspicious death is renewed six years later when she receives a package from him in the mail containing "Tokyo Fish" - a toy that is more than it seems. Two other girls are drawn into the mystery and they work together the unravel the truth behind his death and the conspiracies of "Tokyo Fish."

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