"In Another Life" is an alternate telling of a mixture of the manga and the anime with some dub-influence (mainly in the area of names). What if Endymion's four guardians had also been reborn . . . as their true selves?

Usagi Blue
Compass and Sword
The Steel Blue Box
Season One: Golden Beginning
Episode One: The Birth of V . . .
aka C'mon Pretty Soldier!
Episode Two: Justice Fighter?!
aka Sailor V, Never Heard of Her
Episode Three: Aphrodite's Chocolate
aka Venus's Mark of Love
Episode Four: Mina Love, Model for Hire
aka Beautiful Like a Dream
Episode Five: Paint Me a Picture
aka What Do You Know of Dreams?
Episode Six: Ms. Police
aka Blue and Gold
Episode Seven: Sometimes It Doesn't Rain . . . It Pours
aka Tears From Heaven
Episode Eight: Tell Me, What Comes After the Rain?
aka What Do You Believe In?
Episode Nine: The Orange Rose
aka Following Heart's Knowledge
Episode Ten: Masks
aka We All Have Secrets
Episode Eleven: Sayonara, First Love . . .
aka Starting Over
Episode Twelve: Epilogue: Ai no Senshi
aka What's in a Name?

Season One: The Legend's Beginning

Episode One: Serena's Strange Week
aka Getting up in the Morning is a Hassle
Episode Two: Tutoring a Junior High Girl isn't Easy
aka And Then There Were Two . . .
Episode Three: Intelligence: Sailor Mercury
aka the Cold of Loneliness
Episode Four: Passion: Sailor Mars
aka Looking Into a Sacred Flame
Episode Five: Strength: Sailor Jupiter
aka The Flash of Lightning
Episode Six: Betrayal: Sailor Earth
aka The Taste of Blood
Episode Seven: Guardian Rose
aka Don't Fight Destiny!
Episode Eight: The Three who Meet
aka And Scheme . . .
Episode Nine: The Four Who Wait
aka And Dream . . .
Episode Ten:Desperation: The Pair
aka Conflicting Choices
Episode Eleven:Despair: Tuxedo Mask
aka The Pain Cometh
Episode Twelve: Vengeance: Fiore
aka A Stab to the Heart
Episode Thirteen: Love: Sailor Venus
aka Believe in Love
Episode Fourteen: Resolution: Sailor Team
aka Fighting for Love and Justice
Episode Fifteen: A Tree, a Flower
aka Life and Death
Episode Sixteen: A Fight for Tomorrow
aka A Flower of Love
Epilogue: Promise of Tomorrow
aka Dreaming

Movie: Sailor Moon R(ose!): A Story of a Rose

Season Two: The Legacy Unfolds . . .
Episode One: Dropping in Unexpectedly
aka Time Travel is Dangerous
aka Su! I'm Going to Get You for This!
Episode Two: Introductions: The Pyro Brothers
aka What Do You Want?!
Episode Three: Music: Princess Sailor Moon
aka The Sound of Defeat
Episode Four: Back-Up: 'Elios
aka Didn't You Miss Me?
Episode Five: Mischief: Diana
aka The Cat's Meow
Episode Six: The Band's Emergence
aka A Little Music, a LOT of Noise
Episode Seven: Incompetence: The Wolf Brothers
aka And You Thought Sailor Moon was Bad?
Episode Eight: Independence: Sailor Uranus
aka The Sky's Tornado
Episode Nine: Elegance: Sailor Neptune
aka The Ocean's Tears
Episode Ten: Quest: The Rainbow Crystals
aka The Answer
Episode Eleven: Desertion: The Four
aka We Quit!
Episode Twelve: Mystery: Sailor Pluto
aka Time Enough for Answers
Episode Thirteen: Deception: Garnet
aka The Plot Thickens
Episode Fourteen: Identities: The Warriors
aka I Know You
Episode Fifteen: Crystal Capture
aka The Light of the Rainbow
Episode Sixteen: Discoveries: Topaz
aka The Power of the Crystal Rainbow
Episode Seventeen: Confessions: A Lover's Death
aka To Know the Truth
Episode Eighteen: Memories: Endymion and Serenity
aka The Power of the Past
Episode Nineteen: Destruction: Sailor Saturn
aka No Hope for the World
Episode Twenty: The Other Side of the Coin
aka A Cry for Serenity!
Episode Twenty-One: Corruption: Metallia
aka Evil Runneth Over
Episode Twenty-Two: Carry On: The Powers of the Heart
aka Super Sailor Moon
Episode Twenty-Three: Messiah: Sailor Moon
aka A Love for the World
Epilogue: Renuited
aka The Last Song Plays

Sailor Moon Movie: Diana-chan no Hatsukoi

Sailor Moon Movie: The Dream Borne of Love

Season Three: A Scattering of Stars . . .
Episode One: Bidding Her Boyfriend Good-bye
aka Everybody's First Date
Episode Two: Mysterious Appearance of the Pink-haired Child
aka Huh? MOM!!!
Episode Three: Return of Sailor Earth
aka And Things Were Going So Well . . .
Episode Four: Beryl: Reemergence of Evil
aka The Darkness That Waits
Episode Five: Rally: Senshi Unite!
aka The Birth of Eternal Sailor Moon
Episode Six: Conflicts: Sailor Starlights
aka Allies or Enemies?
Episode Seven: Confusion: Small Sailor Moon
aka Reenie, Be Truthful . . .
Episode Eight: Reassurances: Princess Kakyuu
aka She's *Not* My Daughter!
Episode Nine: Meeting Again For the First Time
aka A Promise For the Future
Episode Ten: Revelations: Sailor Pluto
aka Truths
Episode Eleven: Sailor Chaos: Chaos
aka Fight At the Cauldron
Episode Twelve: Desperate Battle: The Guardians' Self Sacrifice
aka Because I Love You . . .
Episode Thirteen: Crisis: Death of the Sailor Senshi
aka To Protect You . . .
Episode Fourteen: Secrets Unveiled: Re-Re
aka The Hidden Truth
Epilogue: Choices, Life or Death?
aka Dilemma


Season Four: Eternity's Awakening
Episode One: A New Beginning
aka A Wedding
Episode Two: The Birth of Crystal Tokyo
aka The Crystal Millennium
Episode Three: An Age of Serenity
aka Beginnings of Chaos . . .
Episode Four: Royal Senshi—Eternal Modes?
aka Stirrings of Romance
Episode Five: A Neo-Princess and her Neo-Prince
aka I Dreamt of You
Episode Six: Into the Past: Good Luck Reenie!
aka Why Can't I Remember?
Episode Seven: In Her Absence
aka Growing Evil
Episode Eight: Allies' Assistance
aka Return of Old Friends
Episode Nine: A War Between Serenity and Chaos
aka A Sleep Eternal . . .
Episode Ten: The Battle Lost, the Battle Won
aka Fighting to Keep Love's Dream Alive
Episode Eleven: Anguished Cry: Serenity's Defeat
aka Another Chance
Episode Twelve: Defeat: Chaos's Reign
aka In the Absence of Light . . .
Episode Thirteen: Universe's End: Uncertainties
aka When Nothing Remains . . .
Episode Fourteen: The Light of Sailor Cosmos
aka When All Else Fails . . .
Episode Fifteen: Love: The Emergence of a Dream
aka The Light of Hope
Episode Sixteen: Decisions: Sailor Cosmos
aka Love of Serenity
Episode Seventeen: The Future's Birth: Eternal Sailor Moon
aka The Brightness of the Future
Episode Eighteen: The Future's Rebirth: Serenity
aka The Crystal's Silver Light
Epilogue:Eternal Millennium
aka Forever and a Day

Season Five: Silver Birth
Episode One: He Who Cometh From Beyond . . .
aka Deadly Triangles . . .
Episode Two: She Who Comes From Beyond Space and Time . . .
aka The Future Embodied in One Thousand Years . . .
Episode Three: The UnSenshi
aka What Everyone Else is Doing
Episode Four: Quartet and Royals Face-Off!
aka The TRUE Senshi of the New Age!
Episode Five: Everything Just Gets More Complicated . . .
aka Heralded by Confusion . . .
Episode Six: Time Blast!
aka When Are We?!!
Episode Seven: Of All Possible Futures . . .
aka THIS is Our Future?!! Change It! Change It!
Episode Eight: Time Guardian's Torment
aka Living Up to a Legacy
Episode Nine: To Change the Future
aka To Prevent the End
Episode Ten: Breaking All Ties . . .
aka I'm *NOT* Who You Think I Am!
Episode Eleven: Eclipse of The Black Moon!
aka Deja Vu Anyone?
Episode Twelve: Destruction of Crystal Tokyo
aka Millennium's End
Episode Thirteen: Devastation: The Death of a World
aka In the Hands of Death
Episode Fourteen: Finality
aka It's Time to Settle the Score
Epilogue: The Wedding that Never Was
aka When the Circle Meets
aka True Love's Promise

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