General Commentary
~The Stars Will Shine~
by Fushigi Kismet

The pain was quite intense - searing pain, burning away my skin. My blood dripped down, green. Since when had my blood been green? I had not bled for a long time, but the last time I could remember, it had been red. Hot and red and flowing, not this sickly green.

It must have occurred when the Dark Kingdom had corrupted me. Everything had changed once I had been drawn into their midst. The stars, though they still continued to converse with me, singing their songs, telling me things, shining brightly in the night, their song was less joyful, their speech was softer, and their light was dimmer. They did not shine as brightly to me as they had in times past.

Then I had met her and it was as though it was for the second time, and she awakened things in me, images . . . memories. Naru. Saying her name was like knowing myself. Naru. It seemed so familiar to my ears, familiar on my tongue. Naru.

Something awoke within me and I knew it for what it was . . . love. I loved her. Why, I did not know, it was enough that I did. I wanted her to be happy, I wanted to keep her safe.

Then Zoisite, as is his wont, had to come and spoil my happiness, destroying it before my eyes . . . destroying me. The pain swept through me, and all I could think of was Naru. To protect her. I had sworn that oath a long, long time ago. To protect Naru. It was my duty.

Duty. What is it about that word? It is as though it is a part of me. Duty. Always for duty do I meet my end, through my failure of it. It was my duty to protect my prince, to protect my Naru. I had failed him, I would not fail her. And so . . . I died.

I remembered her then, from my past. I remembered another too. Makoto. Love for me shone in her eyes. Oh, by the stars, where had I gone wrong? How could I have failed so many? How many times have I failed in my duty? Duty. It will always come back to that. It always does.

I am lost. I cannot find my way. My prince - he had a light to guide him. I am lost. I will never be found. I do not deserve to be saved. I have failed so many . . . so many . . . There is nothing but darkness in my soul.

I was falling in the darkness, the void between the stars . . . and she saved me, bright angel, as I knew she would. She saved me with her love. Death did not matter, my soul had been saved.

Even without me, as long as her love lives, and the love of others, in the darkness . . . the stars will continue to shine. For me, for her, the stars will shine.

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