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Wardrobe Malfunction
by Fushigi Kismet

"Oh my GOD," Mamori said, hands over her face. She was never, EVER, going to live this down.

Hiruma stopped her as the hotel doorman politely opened the door for them, doing his level best not to stare too much. Gesturing meaningfully with his gun and baring his teeth politely in a fanged smile ensured that the fucking doorman kept his damned eyes focused straight ahead.

They stepped through the glass doors. Mamori's words were muffled by her hands. "I'm so sorry! Komusubi-kun called with your message and said I was supposed to get dressed up. Clown and slut wear."

"Dressy," Hiruma said, hailing a taxi which pulled up to the curb with an alarming squeal of its tires. "Gown and tux affair." He paused in the process of opening the cab door and looked at her. "He said clown and slut and you took him literally?"

"I thought it might be important!" she snapped tearfully.

"And I'd voluntarily dress like a fucking clown why?"

"Don't ask me! I didn't even know what this was for!" She wiped at her eyes and he sighed and handed her a handkerchief. "But all of a sudden I'm supposed to go to a party and it IS almost Halloween and those kinds of things are popular on campus so I didn't think it was that much of a stretch, and-"

"And you just made a fucking beautiful entrance to a classy party held in honor of last year's college football MVP, yours truly." His words and eyes were full of delicious remembrance. "I thought my coach's fucking eyes were going to fall out."

"I am so sorry," she wailed.

He grinned and said, "Don't be. It fucking suits you, bunny girl," and slapped her tail as she got into the cab.