Reyre and Dalayne are two kingdoms ruled by monarchies. Currently, Reyre is ruled over by Queen Serenity and King Lucent. Dalayne's rulership passed to a regent upon the King and Queen's death. Prince Endymion will take the throne on his eighteenth birthday. Recent wars fought between Dalayne and other neighboring kingdoms for power and the whispers of trouble from the increasingly powerful coastal kingdom of Estvia located on the west of the northern continent have lead to an uneasy post-war atmosphere. The rulers of Reyre and Dalayne hope to establish an alliance by joining the two families with a royal marriage.


Crown Princess Serenity of the Kingdom of Reyre is nearing her sixteenth birthday. Hers is the Royal House. The only daughter of the king and queen of Reyre, she is destined to ascend to the throne. She has lead a sheltered life and many have accused her parents (though, not to their faces) of letting her run wild.


Crown Prince Endymion of the Kingdom of Dalayne is nearing his eighteenth birthday. His is the Royal House. The only son of the king and queen of Dalayne and the only surviving member of the direct royal bloodline, he is destined to ascend to the throne. He is madly in love with Princess Serenity . . . as to why, that, for now, shall remain a mystery . . .

Jadyrn (Jadeite):

Lord Jadyrn d'Ren of the Twelfth House of Dalayne is twenty-five years of age. He is the third of three children. His older brother died in battle and his older sister is happily married to a lord of the Tenth House of Dalayne. He is the heir to the House. He was raised in the small village of Thana, near Dalayne's northern borders. He spent time in the Northlands since his family were merchants by trade and dealt with the Northern trade groups. He knew Lord Kunzyn of the Second House of Dalayne but did not associate much with him. Instead of going into the merchant trade, he joined the King's army as a common soldier and worked his way up to the rank of General. He fought for two years in the Wars alongside Lord Nephrayn before coming into Endymion's service upon the death of Endymion's father. The late King had been great friends with his father and so Jadyrn was charged with the protection of Prince Endymion whom he has now served for seven years. He is Prince Endymion's aide-de-camp and the only signs of affection he shows are towards the animals under his care. Whatever happened in his past to make him as he is . . . no one knows.

Nephrayn (Nephrite):

Lord Nephrayn Mason Sa'Juun of the Third House of Dalayne is twenty-three years old. He is the oldest of twelve children and heir to the House. He grew up in the mountain city of C'then surrounded by the Sacred Trees of Allon. He comes from a wealthy family of landowners. They also support a community of craftsmen. He spent an idle youth in the city, chasing after girls and behaving like a spoiled young gentleman. He did spend time at a smithy and found it to his liking and he also participated in several hunts. He was well-liked but easily bored and immediately joined the King's Army when the Wars began. Uninterested in rank, he stuck by Jadyrn whom he met in service and they made their way up together. But he grew to have a genuine fondness for his companion and managed to endear himself to Endymion when Jadyrn became his protector. Endymion likes him well enough as a companion and so, he spends a great deal of time at the Royal Court.

Zoyzer (Zoisite):

Lord Zoyzer Zen'nith V'yr of the Third House of Dalayne is twenty-two years old. He was born and raised in the coastal city, Amaran. Through close ties between their two Houses, he was a childhood companion of Lord Kunzyn. He fought in the Wars for three years with Kunzyn who took him under his wing as a green recruit. Zoyzer's family pushed him into serving in the war. His family has a glorious military history dating back over five hundred years. However, Zoyzer was slight and delicate and war was likely to kill him . . . until Kunzyn decided to keep an eye on him and help him survive. After the Wars, when both had been decorated for meritorious conduct and Zoyzer had become a fighter equal in level to Kunzyn, they went into Endymion's service together.

Kunzyn (Kunzite):

Lord Kunzyn K'vayn Terr'ak Anjoyn of the Second House of Dalayne is twenty-five years old. He was a childhood companion of Lord Zoyzer and he knew Lord Jadyrn. His family was very close to the first House and so he knew all his life that he would be serving the Crown Prince. His family was of a military bent but also very wealthy and heavily involved in trade. His House and Jadyrn's had a healthy rivalry, but they focused more on overseas trade than the Twelfth House did. He served as a General in the King's Army and kept an eye on Zoyzer. He eventually achieved the rank of Commander-in-Chief of the Third Army and after the Wars he came to be in Endymion's service along with Zoyzer.

Immara (Makoto):

Lady Immara K'irta Hann'yl Jrrynya D'oak of the Fourth House of Reyre is seventeen years old. She was born in the village of Camilia in the Valley of Umber. She was orphaned at an early age. Her mother passed away after a miscarriage when she was traveling home from an important conference in Kirraine and her father was fatally wounded in battle shortly afterwards. The messenger both times was Simyra. Immara saw her father as he was dying and he gave her the bracelet he had given her mother as his deathgift to her. She was taken in by the First House since her mother had been sister to the queen and she is Princess Serenity's cousin. So, she has spent the last eight years of her life at the Royal Court.

Raslym (Rei):

Lady Raslym R'kain Annara D'vo of the Third House of Reyre is sixteen years old. She was born in the mountain city of Phyris. She is known far and wide for her temper and is thus avoided. She does not live with her parents but instead resides at a boarding school five hundred miles away. Her mother is dead and her father is very distant, constantly immersed in business concerns. He has three other children, all boys, by his second wife. Still . . . in all likelihood, Raslym will head the House by right of birthright. She is Princess Serenity's distant cousin.

Artana (Minako):

Lady Artana M'erla Naava Adora D'amour of the Second House of Reyre is twenty years old. She was born in the city of Aphris near the capital of Reyre. She sighs about becoming an "old maid." While she has had many suitors, among them Lord Aros Blanc D'Ian, she has refused them all. Her family is quite wealthy and socially prominent, but through a series of business failures, their finances are more unstable than anyone is aware. It falls to Artana to find a wealthy match and restore the family finances. But . . . Artana is also an incurable romantic and longs for love. She is also a distant cousin of Princess Serenity's.

Marayr (Ami):

Lady Marayr Wavern Aquinine D'mar of the Second House of Reyre is eighteen years old. She was born in the coastal village of Amisu. She is Lady Artana's first cousin, since her mother was sister to Artana's father. She is also distantly related to Princess Serenity. Marayr is socially very high but unlike Artana she is fully aware of the precarious condition that the family finances are in. However, she also knows that it's up to Artana to find a good match. Marayr is quiet and calm. She wants nothing more than to spend her life living quietly by the sea, immersed in literature, art, music . . . and yes, science.

Odele (Michiru):

The cultured Odele Octavia Oceana K'ao is of an unknown but very high House. She is nineteen years old. She is Harmony's life companion and because of that has been disowned. (People aren't very nice even there, I guess.) Still, the two of them manage to get along quite well, especially with the addition of their "third," Simyra.

Harmony (Haruka):

Harmony Hezel Ky'yfr T'eno is Immara's first and very beloved cousin and belongs to the Fourth House of Reyre. She is nineteen years old. Also known as "Harm," she is *very* self-sufficient and along with her life-partner Odele, does a lot of traveling about the country. She was *not* disowned, but finds it more pleasant to roam then to remain at home. She is quite fond of her little cousin, Immara.

Simyra (Setsuna):

Simyra does not belong to any House, but she is a lady all the same. Nor can anyone ferret the remainder of her name or her age out of her. She seems to be in her twenties. She was formerly employed by the Fourth House of Reyre and had the unfortunate task of delivering the messages of her parents' deaths to young Immara. She was a good friend of Harmony's, though, and when Harmony and Odele decided to make traveling their life, they invited Simyra along for kicks, thinking that she'd be useful . . . They were soon to discover how very useful she could be, indeed.

Rhea (Hotaru):

Rhea Ak'taine, the infamous pirate queen and captain of the good ship Silent Wave, is nineteen years old. Her manners might be course, but inside she is a lady. There is none finer on the Seven Seas. She has a heart of gold and was a healer before she was kidnapped by slavers in her youth and sold to the previous captain of her vessel, then named the Rampant Harpy. She and the rest of the galley slaves mutinied and left the previous captain and his "enforcers" adrift in a lifeboat. Claiming the ship as her own and her fellow slaves as her crew, the fourteen year-old girl dedicated her life to plundering the too rich and freeing other crews of slaves.

Monica (Luna):

Monica is the advisor to the Royal Court of Reyre and is twenty-three years old. She was born Lady Crescent Amalthea d'Muun of the Eighth House of the kingdom of Mauurt, but later changed her name. At the age of 13 she was engaged to Aros Blanc D'Ian, but she broke off their engagement upon learning of his relationship with another woman. Heartbroken and humiliated, she took on a new identity and, hoping never to see Aros again, fled to Reyre. She became the secret advisor of the king and queen and the governess of the eight-year old princess, Serenity.

Aros (Artemis):

Lord Aros Blanc D'Ian of the Third House of the kingdom of Nekkuun is twenty-nine years old. Through an arrangement between their parents, he was engaged to Lady Crescent Amalthea d'Muun, but had a relationship with another woman at the time that he was loathe to break off. When Lady Crescent broke off the engagement and fled, he was disowned by his family and made his way into the world. Eventually, he found his way to the kingdom of Dalayne and became the advisor to their Majesties. Upon their death he became the advisor to Prince Endymion. He regretted his actions regarding Lady Crescent and once he found out her new identity he became determined to make amends . . .

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